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Call for participants: Equinomics Organizing Committee and August 21-22 Planning Meeting by activistnotes
July 28, 2008, 4:22 pm
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Equinomics seeks organizing committee members and participants for August 21-22 strategic planning meeting!


This is a call for participants for the next strategic planning meeting of Equinomics, scheduled for 10 AM – 4 PM, August 21st – 22nd at the United Steelworkers Hall (25 Cecil Street) in Toronto. The agenda for the meeting is below.


We are also looking for Ontario-based youth, youth union members and students interested in joining an organizing committee for the (tentatively scheduled) October 10 – 12th founding meeting of Equinomics.


We want to work with you to build an Ontario-based organization that will focus on:


  • Trade justice organizing (solidarity-based fair trade, cooperatives, No Sweat – in short, solidarity economics)
  • Anti-oppression
  • Direct Action
  • Worker Solidarity

We hope the organizing committee can further sketch out what Equinomics might look like as well as plan the two-day founding meeting tentatively scheduled for October 10-12 in Toronto.  We’d like this process to be as open, grassroots and democratic as possible, so if you’re into it, get into it.


Check out the notes from the May visioning meeting and the organizational backgrounder for more info on Equinomics and what we’ve done so far.




The catalysts of Equinomics


Patrick Clark patrickclark[AT]


Amanda Wilson amanda.divito.wilson[AT]


Ian Hussey ihussey[AT]


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Equinomics Strategic Planning Meeting

10 AM – 4 PM, August 21 – 22

United Steelworkers Hall: 25 Cecil Street, Toronto


Purpose of the meeting: (1) bring together people working on trade justice issues in Ontario to further the development of Equinomics ; (2) form initial Equinomics coordinating committee to undertake next steps identified during the meeting, including organizing Equinomics founding meeting


Agenda for Thursday, August 21st, 10 AM – 4 PM


Start by reviewing the conclusions from the May visioning meeting and the organizational backgrounder


Morning presentations by current and past student trade justice organizations on their work (achievements, setbacks, lessons) – Sierra Youth Coalition Ontario, United Students Against Sweatshops Canada, Canadian Student Fair Trade Network


Afternoon presentations: Worker Rights Consortium (to be confirmed soon) to present on Designated Supplier Program and Bookstore Program; Canadian Labour Congress to present on their youth committee and the youth labour movement in Ontario and Canada; Canadian Federation of Students – Ontario to present on their recent trade justice initiatives


End day by returning to conclusions from May visioning meeting and organizational backgrounder. Based on the presentations of the day, what needs to be added, subtracted or changed in these documents? Are the three functions initially identified in the May meeting still appropriate or do we need to tweak these?


Agenda for Friday, August 22nd, 10 AM – 4 PM


Initial discussion on governance and finances of Equinomics; this discussion will feed into the (tentatively scheduled) October 10-12th founding meeting


Get indication from participants of their and their organization’s willingness to contribute time and/or resources to the development of Equinomics


Form initial coordinating committee


Identify next steps, assign tasks


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My name is Shirali. I am a recent graduate student from the University of Windsor. I live in Toronto and am a mature student over 30. I would like to become involved in participating at the meeting. My interest and experience lies in social justice issues. I was wondering if this meeting is also for older persons, like myself. Let me know if I can help in any way.

Comment by Shirali Ruparelia

Hi Shirali,

Yes, you are certainly welcome to participate in the August 21-22 meeting. We will have an exact location for the meeting soon. We are going through draft agendas for the meeting right now and will publish the agenda soon.

There will be students, NGO types, union organizers, cooperators, etc there, so no we aren’t confining the meeting to an age group or anything like that. I’m 28 and a PhD student. Patrick Clark is about 21 and a MA student. For instance. We are hoping for a range of students and youth labour organizers, amongst others. A couple coops, NGOs and unions have already confirmed their interest in participating.

We are working with the CLC and CFS-ON to get youth labour and students to the meeting.

Ian Hussey

Comment by activistnotes

I am a union organizer and very interested in participating…plz contact me at

Comment by Tyler Downey

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