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The Canadian Museum for Male, er I mean human, Rights by activistnotes
March 27, 2008, 5:48 pm
Filed under: Human Rights, Oppression

By Ian Hussey

The Canadian Museum for Human Rights needs your help. Someone get them a mirror.

There are ten quotes displayed during the fancy Flash Player intro to their website.

In the order of appearance, the quotes are from Tecumseh, Sir Wilfrid Laurier, John Diefenbaker, Louis Riel, General Roméo Dallaire, Pierre Elliott Trudeau, The Honourable Madam Justice Rosalie Silberman Abella, Tommy Douglas, Craig Kielburger, and Lester B Pearson.

Way to go GUYS. You too, Madam Justice.


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As a Winnipeger, I must confess I’m skeptical about the neutrality of the museum. The project is supported by The Asper Family, who in addition to being strong Conservative and Zionists, are also big media shareholders (they co-own CanWest). Since CanWest is heavily anti-Palestinian, can something they have some much influence over be
neutral? Add to that the fact that it is funded by a far-right government that has no respect for human rights and you wonder if it will present a partisan view on everything. If it fails to present a picture that’s free of bias, then I think a boycott would be in order.

Comment by Sam

Thanks for the notes about the obvious gender imbalance -you’d think a bunch of elites would at least be smart enough to *pretend* they’re representing diversity. Thanks Sam for that note about the Aspers too – I didn’t know, and it prompted me to check out the site and the Asper Foundation. I agree that this can no way be partisan, and will unlikely be as culturally diverse as it should be – it stinks to high heaven. Plus, my jaw dropped at the cost – $22M annually from the Feds alone? Jeezus! What exactly will be represented in the Museum that can possibly justify that amount of budgeting (aside from probably grossly inflated Directors’ salaries). Fucking capitalists.

Comment by Lynette

First, the diversity and gender balance for the sake of diversity and gender balance is futile. The quotes are mainly from men since the history has been dominated by men, even if this is changing now, several decades will be needed before we produce a gender-balanced national leaders. Second, what about with the Zionist comment? Asper donated $20 million to the museum, Michael Chin donated $30 million to the ROM, that does not mean that they are the masterminds on the galleries since Curators are fiercely independent, I know, I work with them.

Comment by Manuel

Manuel, we don’t fight for gender equality just “for the sake of diversity and gender balance.” We fight for gender equality because it is a human right, and because it is part of our humanity and liberation. Having a diverse, gender balanced, and otherwise egalitarian world has never been futile or cliche.

The point of having a museum on human rights would be to expose and educate on inequalities, I would think. The fact that one woman got quoted out of ten intro quotes shows how ignorant the curator and communications staff of this propaganda machine really are.

And, who was the woman quoted? One of Canada’s amazing women organizers? Maude Barlow or someone of that stature. Nah, that would be too obvious. Was it one of the millions of “ordinary” women and girls that put up with the hypocrisy of our society on a daily basis? Nah, that would just make too much sense. [No offence to the Honourable Madam Justice Rosalie Silberman Abella.]

I don’t believe in being partisan or objective. I don’t even think those things are possible. But, it is rather obvious, in my humble opinion, that the Canadian Museum for Male Rights has little to do with human rights, and a lot to do with PR and a pile of tricks.

The fact that white heterosexual men have been dominant in our society is one of the major issues a real museum on human rights would expose and question – not completely ignore, and in fact maintain and even celebrate.

Comment by activistnotes

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