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Fair Trade Canada by activistnotes
March 25, 2008, 5:22 pm
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While Fair Trade Canada, an emerging national platform for fair trade comprising businesses, organizations, activists and researchers, is in no way, shape or form affiliated with Activist Notes, we thought we’d make some info on the developing organization publicly available.

The organizational development committee comprises: Roxanne Cave (Ten Thousand Villages), Marc-Henri Faure (fibrEthik), Reykia Fick (TransFair Canada), Ian Hussey (Equinomics), Carmen Iezzi (Fair Trade Federation), Dario Iezzoni (Oxfam fair trade, Equita), Sini Maury (Oxfam fair trade, Equita), Jacqui MacDonald (Just Trade), Satya Ramen (Just Us! Development and Education Society), and Isabelle St. Germain (Equiterre).

The group’s first strategic planning meeting was held during the second symposium of the Canadian Student Fair Trade Network (Saskatoon, June, 2007). The group’s second strategic planning meeting was organized by the Canadian Student Fair Trade Network, Equiterre and TransFair Canada (Montreal, October, 2007). The third and final regional strategic planning meeting will be held in Vancouver at the University of British Columbia during the annual meeting of the Canadian Association for Studies in Cooperation, Saturday, June 7th, 1 – 5 PM. The group’s first annual general meeting will LIKELY happen October 3rd – 5th in Ottawa concurrently with Equinomics’s second Activist School.

Despite what any of the following documents might say, Fair Trade Canada defines “Fair Trade” as “a partnership based on dialogue, transparency and respect, that works towards greater equity in global trade. It contributes to greater social and economic equity and to the protection of the environment by offering better trading conditions and by guaranteeing the rights of marginalized producers and workers, particularly those in developing countries. 

“Fair Trade organizations, through the support of consumers, are actively committed to working in solidarity with producers in developing countries, to raise public awareness, and to campaign for changes in the regulations and practices of conventional international trade.”

Some of these documents are in English, some are in French, and some are posted “with the flies,” as one organizational development committee member recently put it (i.e. they ain’t polished, but they offer the gist of what’s going on).

Minutes, first strategic planning meeting, June 2007, Saskatoon

Minutes, second strategic planning meeting, October 2007, Montreal

Session 1, Montreal meeting

Session 2, Montreal meeting

Session 3, Montreal meeting

Notes, Chantal’s group, Montreal meeting

Notes, Daniel’s group, Montreal meeting

Notes, Dario’s group, Montreal meeting

Notes, Ian’s group, Montreal meeting


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