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Georgey, baby by activistnotes
March 12, 2008, 9:37 pm
Filed under: George Stroumboulopoulos

[My second letter to George Stroumboulopoulos, host of CBC’s The Hour. This one is not so sarcastic, but for good reason.] 

Hey George,

Caught the show tonight. Haven’t had the pleasure in a couple weeks. Anyway, just writing to say I appreciate you not wearing sweatshop-made Adidas shoes on the show tonight. You know how many people watch your show, so you’ve got a lot of messaging power, obviously. And, likely, many people don’t just watch your show for the amazing line-up of guests, but also because you and your crew cover many of the most pressing issues of today. Keep asking the tough questions, and I’ll keep watching. [Hey, by the way, under what conditions are the rest of your cloths made?]

I still think you should consider doing a segment on sweatshops for 50 facts that should change the world. I mean, come on, how many people do you know that wear cloths? [Well, I knew this guy in university…you get the idea. He was European, as stereotypical as that sounds. No joke. But being a ‘naturalistic’ made him happy, and since he was my friend that made me happy.]


Ian Hussey 


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