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Spread the word! Link your website to Activist Notes, like these folks: BE FairBritish Columbia Institute for Co-operative StudiesCanadian Social Economy HubCatch the FlameCooperative Coffees, Fair Trade Sports, the Fair Trade wiki page, and International Co-operative Alliance News. Grassroots!

“Revolution require participation, but sometimes people be hesitatin. The government must respect the will of the people. The government serve the people; the people don’t serve the government.” Talib Kweli from the song “Bushonomics” on the album Never Forget: A Journey of Revelations by Dr. Cornell West & BMWMB

Activist Notes was founded on February 20, 2008.


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Dear Sir
We are a working NGO with the principal for fair trade to uplift the poor women in the village to develop their economic status and living standard. So we are looking for the co-operation form the organization to support in our activities.

shree krishna

Comment by Shree Krishna maharjan

Hi there, I would like to link my blog to your blog if you feel it’s appropriate. My blog is an insider’s journal to Vancouver activism.

Warm regards,


Comment by sjandrews

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